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The sunny climate, large area, and strong support from the state made Australia the main producer of sun power.

The benefits are clear: financial support and the best personal loans in Australia are provided for those who contribute to the development of green production.

Solar Panels Services Review: Top 10 Companies

If you decided to buy solar panels, a comparison of the best companies is a good assistant for a considered choice. See the review of the best aus sellers and producers.

#1 Sun Powerbuy solar panels

Sun Power was found in 1985 as the first industrial farm in Australia. Since that moment, they installed more than 30 million panels and continue to experiment with the materials and technologies. With the 25 years guarantee, Sun Power claimed their failure rate to be 1 in 37,000, which is even better nowadays.

The constructions have heat resistance and function properly even in conditions of partial shading.

bestreviewer advantagesSun Power Review
“What is true, prices may be a bit higher than usual. It stopped at first glance, but with the product, you get the reliable insurance, consultation, and help with project planning. For me, Sun Power worth it.”

#2 Trina Solar Panelsbest solar panels

It is a global manufacturer of renewable energy products and the undoubted leader in Australia. The state counts up to 13 thousand employees whose mission is to popularize renewable energy around the world. In 2018 they delivered more than 40 GW of modules worldwide.

Support in different aspects such as modules, cells, or parts of construction is provided to fully satisfy your demands. The range of services varies from small plants for private houses to large projects.

bestreviewer advantagesTrina Solar Panels Review
“I’ve searched a lot before coming to decision, must say the value for money here is the best. And the wide choice is also a nice option.”

#3 Energy Matterstrina solar panels

The wholesale company is supported by the state and participates in federal green programs since 2005.

Energy matters focus on large projects and this way reduces the consumption of traditional electricity in Australia. They grant the competent workers, trained for their job. The cooperation with the leading manufacturers lets them lower the prices on large orders and guarantee the best products on the market.

Nevertheless, private households also can enjoy qualitative services and reliable warranty.

bestreviewer advantagesEnergy Matters Review
“The job was done very well and quickly, we are fully contented. The quality of the equipment is 100%. The professional team also worth mentioning – they explained to us every step and showed how the things works, which I’m grateful for.”

#4 Suntech Solar Panels, Sydneysolar panels sydney

Found in 2001, the company supplies more than 100 countries with reliable equipment. Resistance to harsh conditions – farms, deserts, and coasts, is the most actual for Australia.

Grace to the newest technologies, the temperature of Suntech modules is lower than usual, which increases the performance by 4.64%. Half-cell module technology allows decreasing inner loss of energy.

This way, you maximize productivity and reduce the payback term. Extra recourses won’t go to waste – they can be saved in accumulators or sold to large companies.

#5 West Sun Solar Panels, Perth

This reseller possesses a wide range of producers, which gives you a general idea of how much do solar panels cost depending on the features and lets to choose the appropriate price.

The main advantages are:

  • silent generators
  • warranty up to 25 years
  • 97% efficiency

bestreviewer advantagesWest Sun Solar Panels Review
“The market now is overwhelmed. I, as a farmer, realized the gain of renewable energy long ago, but pinning down with the producer and the type of modules seemed impossible. That’s what I like about West Sun, their experts do not try to persuade you, but consult and adapt to your needs.”

solar panels melbourne

#6 Solar Gain, Melbourne

The company provides the best solar panels for Melbourne small households. High quality and thoughtful customer service are complemented with the affordable price range.

For example, a 5.2KW system, which includes 16x panel and 5kW inverter and is enough to supply the whole house, cost you from $3500 to $6500. Compared to the usual electricity tariff, the installation mat save you up to $1500 annually.

Add to this the federal Small-scale RE scheme, that provides a financial stimulus for households to install eligible small-scale renewable energy systems.

#7 Go Run Solar Panels, Brisbane

Go Run is accredited by the CEC – federal Clean Energy Council, which proves the reliability and state support.

The distinguishing feature of the company is a client-oriented service. They offer complete packages including installation and accumulators, so there is no need to care about it yourself.

They also have special offers to encourage your decision – for example, you can buy a 6.6 KW system for only $4799.

bestreviewer advantagesGo Run Solar Panels Review
“Our family has always been postponing the choice. We live in a small house, there is no place for massive construction, and we were worried about the rationality of a small system. Luckily, the discounts in Go Run persuaded us. Everything nice now, and the productivity matches to the promised one.”

#8 Solar Power Panels, Adelaide

Since 2011, the young company installed over 3000 plants and won the State Excellence award as a Residential Project of the year. They thoroughly select decent reputation products and guarantee reliability and efficient performance.

Special offers include a Payment Plan Option or leasing option that allows you to repay the order monthly and still be able to save money on energy. In case you have temporary troubles, you would be able to use unsecured business loans as a seller of power and overcome the difficulties.

#9 Solar Assist, Canberra

For the comfort of inexperienced clients, the company offers a “turn-key basis” installation of solar panels in Canberra.

They provide a complete service of a free energy audit, designing, installation, and the following support. Another argument is 30 years warranty, which is a way longer than in other services.

bestreviewer advantagesSolar Power Panels Review
“I recommend it for those who deal with this business for the first time. They help with the very beginning – count the optimal number of installations and location, calculate the gain for the future years, and consult in all questions. It really made my life easier.”

#10 Risen energy solar panels, Victoria

This organization presented itself as an innovator in 1986 and still maintain its status. Their offices are located in Germany, China, Australia, the USA, and other highly developed countries.

Rise Energy produces energy storage and several types of modules, among which are monocrystalline, polycrystalline, HJT. Everyday development and keeping in touch with modern technologies help to meet the need of the market.

No matter whether you improve your business with the latest technology or want to economize the charges for a house, you will be contented with a reasonable price in combination with high-level service.

The acquisition of solar panels is a big decision – the choice may be crucial either for your personal budget and business shape. Before pining down with the service, weight all issues, and consider what is best for you.