Best Reviewer’s priority is for our customers to feel welcome and protected any time they use our services. We highly respect personal privacy and want to share this document with you to explain what kind of information we collect and what goal we have behind it.

Terms We’re Going to Operate With

  • Cookies – text file appearing on a computer when you use some features of the Best Reviewer;
  • Account – a page needed to access the certain areas of the Site;
  • Data – information about a particular individual, provided to us by his or her own will and showing more about his or her identity.

What Kind of Information do We Require From You?

The legal bases for the Best Reviewer operating of data originally are that the operating is needed for providing certain services per our Terms and Conditions. We may as well process data upon your approval, asking for it as the most suitable one.

Please, be acknowledged we may get data from third parties, such as advertisers or some of our business partners. When we use data from different sources, we still treat it as the personal one per the Privacy Policy.

When Do We Need to Collect the Data?

As said before, we’re taking each customer’s privacy quite seriously. That’s why we’ll perform reasonable steps to make sure you understand why is the Best Reviewer needs to know particular aspects about you.

Working with us, you will be aware of:

  • Our field of operation;
  • The purpose for which data is collected;
  • The third parties we may share the personal information with after your agreement;
  • Law part or who is authorizing us to require the data from you at some period.

How Long We Will Keep Your Data?

We will hold the information we collect on our systems for as long as it is mandatory for the appropriate activity. If you shut down an account your data will be deleted immediately, and the remaining information we may use just for analytical purposes.

We save the right to update the following Privacy Policy from time to time. We’ll share the date of the last revision at the official Best Reviewer website. If you do not agree to these changes, please do not continue to use the website to submit any personal information to the Best Reviewer.