The aesthetic side is extremely important in all spheres. If you want your product or website to work, it’s important to create an attractive wrapping. It doesn’t mean that the wrapping is more important than the content. It’s crucial to find a way to attract and impress the potential clients and then to convince them that purchasing your service or product is the best decision.

So, when you work with the website, you must remember 3 crucial rules: quality and effective media, working commercial posts, and web hosting of the outstanding quality. Speaking of the reliable hosting providers, you should check out the online services review and choose the best web hosting providers. Your website must operate without breakdowns and delays.

A trustworthy web hosting and effective commercial pages are good to boost the productivity of the website. Still, some people underestimate the role of the beautiful photos, banners, infographics, and other media. You should try to reorganize your website and you will see the difference.

To cope with this issue you should familiarize with the review of the top photo editing programs and choose the most suitable one.

1. Macphun and Its Applications

Macphun photoedit tool is powerful software designed for Mac. It has the most popular best sellers Luminar and Aurora HDR 2017. These apps can work as applications and independent programs. They will suit professional photographers and those, who just want to make their photos prettier. It has more than 30 filters in every application, basic and extraordinary options.

The interface is simple and the work with this software will bring you a pleasure. Some of the applications are paid but the prices vary from $20 to $60. This photo editor is considered to be one of the leading and most affordable photo editors ever. It offers everything you need to create a good photo and excludes everything you don’t need.

If you enjoy editors that adapt to your style, Luminar by Macphun is your choice. This is a professional tool that is also easy to use. The impressive result, as well as enjoyable editing process, make this software our absolute favorite.

2. Acorn

acorn photo edit tool

The price of Acorn is approximately the same as Macphun’s and, in fact, offers the same set of options. You can work with layers, non-destructive filters, curves, and levels, blending modes and different styles.

The latest upgrade improved the speed of the work and added non-destructive filters. It allows using chains of filters and creating impressive effects and impressive photos, in the result. If you like a chain of the filter you created, you can save it and use in the future.

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gimp photo edit software

Unlike the previous photo editors, GIMP can be used on Windows and Linux too and it’s free. Probably, you won’t find there what you can find in Macphun, for instance, but you can still create beautiful photos there.

It’s possible to work with painting tools, color correction, cloning, selection, and enhancement. A great advantage is that it supports all available file formats. Furthermore, their technical support and developers brainstorm new ideas to improve the work of software. This editor will suit you if you are a  photographer, graphic designer, or illustrator. The possibilities of this app can impress even scientist. However, you don’t have to be

This editor will suit you if you are a  photographer, graphic designer, or illustrator. The possibilities of this app can impress even scientist. However, you don’t have to be one to learn its tools as GIMP is easy to learn even for a begginer.

4. Lightroom

lightroom toop for phto edit

Lightroom is the other well-known photo editor from Adobe. The main advantage of the company is that it can complement those options that Photoshop can’t offer (for instance, to make light work of day-to-day enhancements and RAW files).

Still, it has a simpler interface than Photoshop and is designed for people, who don’t need such a powerful photo editor as Photoshop. This software is paid and costs $10 per month.

These were top 4 photo editors that both professionals and amateurs usually choose to start their own blog. You can look for other ones but believe us – these photo editors will meet your expectations, plans, and the view on the perfect photo.