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Table of Content:

  1. How to Host a Minecraft Server
  2. The Installation of Minecraft
  3. Specific Support for Minecraft
  4. Can I Host a Minecraft Server For Free
  5. What Is the Upside of Managing Your Own Minecraft Server?
  6. Apex Minecraft Server Hosting
  7. Minecraft Bukkit Server Hosting
  8. Minecraft Forge Server Hosting
  9. Minecraft Pixelmon Server Hosting
  10. Minecraft Tekkit Server Hosting
  11. Minecraft Server Hosting Aternos
  12. Minecraft Pocket Edition Server Hosting
  13. How to Host a Minecraft Pocket Edition Server
  14. Minecraft Feed the Beast Server Hosting
  15. What Is a Minecraft Control Panel
  16. Frequently Asked Questions
  17. Final Thoughts

It seems that Minecraft has held hostage all the people in the world. Little do these people know that building and maintaining such an agile game takes a lot of servers’ work and experts’ knowledge. However, there are ways to host Minecraft servers that will do all the hard work for you. Let’s look a little closer at what it takes to power Minecraft.

Some people think of Minecraft as an online Lego game. Interestingly enough Lego has developed a series of toys devoted to Minecraft alone. The graphics are as simple as can be, but this feature and ordinary gameplay are what attract players. They see an old-fashioned game equipped with new features and possibilities.
Fans have been going mad about Minecraft and thanks to them, it is now available for play on every mobile device there is.

If you look at a server to host Minecraft, here’s what you should have in mind. The Minecraft Australian server hosting should be good enough to fulfill CPU performance, SSD storage, low latency, DDoS protection, and much more. Read more and you will find a detailed comparison of best Minecraft server hosting in Australia companies online.

How to Host a Minecraft Server

Find answers to how to host a server for Minecraft here.

Say, you want to change to a multilayer model. To enable this mode, you have to rent or own a server. The gaming group you’re about to have will require the modded Minecraft server hosting in Australia that supports the game itself and offers a variety of effective resources to support the group.

Look at a list of requirements that must be provided to actually host a Minecraft server. Free advice here.

  • Resource Requirements. No matter what game mode you choose (survival, PVP, or vanilla) the resource requirements are quite the same. An ordinary amateur will be able to connect to a Minecraft modded server hosting in Australia and deal with several hundred players. Even small Minecraft servers can be powered by a single PC. However, if you’re inquiring into the matter of Minecraft hosting, you need more resources to power your host. This is when you need to start looking into acquiring a Minecraft server plan. The most crucial aspect of a successful Minecraft hosting is delivering all these features to your host. Mind that the server hosting Minecraft should deliver everything from it and more. When logging into Minecraft host, a server will be responsible for the smooth and pleasurable run of the game.
  • Latency. Think of the latency of the server. The location of the server is in direct relation to the server’s speed. Also, the traveling time of data is a vital enough aspect. Minecraft servers in Australia hosting places usually provide low latency for all their users. The servers processing power and the processor itself. The server’s scalability depends greatly on it. The number of threads, as well as processor generation, should be taken into account when signing with one of the hosting Minecraft server holders.
  • RAM. The size of the RAM is directly correlated with the lever of the server. This is true, particularly for the dedicated servers. Despite the fact that our website singles out the best servers there online and rates them, you personally should enquire about RAM and read feedback on the hosting company you’re about to work with. More RAM costs more money, though. And, looking for a free Australian Minecraft server hosting rarely generates good results.
  • Storage. Having an SSD (solid-state drive is the best-case-scenario. As the internal transfer rate is high enough and it makes the storage form faster. Having an SSD will surely improve performance.
  • Mods and Plugins Updating. The easiest is one-click updates. Plugins updates should also be free of charge and simple enough. The plugins necessary to host Minecraft aren’t always free, but the easy-update feature is certainly a time-saver.

The Installation of Minecraft

The host you select will help figure out how much time you’ll put into the Minecraft setup. A simple and fast setup process is one of the first things that you should demand from an Australian server hosting for Minecraft.

Specific Support for Minecraft

You may have dealt with other hosting services before, but in order to find a modded Minecraft server hosting means having the hosting plan that is specifically tailored for Minecraft. See if the hosting plan includes support with setup and installation and will have yourself a customized Minecraft hosting server.

cheap minecraft server hosting

Can I Host a Minecraft Server For Free

Finding a cheap Minecraft server hosting Australia is on the minds of many seeking users. Perhaps they have already put too much money in the game development and now don’t have any more to put into empowering it. There’s almost no chance to locate a free server hosting Minecraft. Think for yourself, what kind of service are you going to get without having to pay a person to maintain your server.

The performance will rapidly fall and will lose users, which is why you have been setting up the whole thing, to begin with.

The cheapest Minecraft server hosting probably means that you will put tremendous time and effort into hosting a Minecraft server. Cheap Minecraft server hosting in Australia sometimes fails to deliver updates in time, which also makes some users flee.

What Is the Upside of Managing Your Own Minecraft Server?

If you’re just starting to think of setting up a Minecraft server, you may find some good insights here and choose an AUS Minecraft server hosting PE to start your journey.

The five things that you can get with the help of the Minecraft server hosting in au are:

  1. Making up your own Rules
  2. Building a Community
  3. Installing Mods of your choice
  4. Teaching and learning
  5. Giving people a safe space

Having set up your own server means you get to make up your own rules. This is a great way to create a community that shares your views and ideas. You can make a whole new place for people to feel creative and imaginative, but you alone will manage it.

Creating a Minecraft community comes with its perks. Not only you get to manage a whole bunch of people and collaborate with them, but you also create a platform with new connections at Minecraft. These are the connections that are strong and long-lasting. You solemnly choose what mods to install as you have the server under your control.

Teaching and learning have become very beneficial features of Minecraft. Players claim to have learned server administration, setup, Linux administration, and main commands while playing Minecraft. You get to build an environment. This will be the one with your own rules, modes, and a whole community.

Apex Minecraft Server Hostingbestreviewer

Apex is one of the few hosting services that is perfectly tailored to the Minecraft hosting. Look at the huge number of features they offer their clients. BestReviewer has assessed Apex for you to know exactly what you’ll be getting from collaborating with this company. There are:

  • Java and Bedrock edition servers;
  • They offer a 24/7 support chat (Mind that it costs them money they charge. It’s impossible to find free Minecraft server hosting 24/7);
  • There’s an all mod and plugins support, so you can be sure that all the plugins will work perfectly and you can use any mod you wish;
  • You can get started installing a Minecraft host in a couple of minutes with Apex;
  • Servers work around the clock;
  • They do have a 7-day money-back guarantee which is pretty helpful if you’re choosing from BestReviewer’s review online;
  • The Latency is low;
  • They use premium hardware;
  • There are Ready-made minigames;
  • You get Full FTP & MYSQL Database Access;
  • There are more than two hundred on 1-click Modpack installers.

In a nutshell, Apex offers to create a Minecraft server easily and fast. They use DDoS Protection so the uptime will be equally high at any time of the day. There’ a free subdomain, so others can connect you via your free web address. The backups are fully automated and you get a customized Multicraft 2.0 panel.

Visit Official ApexHosting Website

Minecraft Bukkit Server Hostingbestreviewer

Bukkit is a popular choice among Minecraft lovers. It allows server owners to add plugins fast and easily. You can also add premium customization to the game and complete it with your complex features. Bukkit is a sort of Minecraft API that allows a multiplayer mod and using vital plugins on the server of yours. You’ll be amazed at how fast you can create a genuine server using a bunch of plugins.

The server itself uses all the plugins and all the players will be able to use the usual Minecraft launcher to join.

Mind that you have to monitor the updates of plugins and make sure they suit the current version of your Minecraft. You don’t need to face the conflict of plugins and they game and lose players. Also, badly coded plugins can only waste RAM and the server can crash.

If you simply integrate automatic restarts, they will clear the RAM out and everything will be in order.

Minecraft Forge Server Hostingbestreviewer

Forge is a type of server to power the Minecraft community you’re about to start. Forge is a modding API that can manage changes to Minecraft from the sides of the owner and the players. All the common and most demanded Minecraft modpacks are integrated into Forge. It is a greatly useful API that opens new opportunities to the server owners and the players.

There are ready-made Minecraft mods that were created by other Minecraft communities and are at your disposal. You can download them online and try something new for a change.

Forge offers the best hardware and of course a hugely useful forum where users can discuss the issues they face. The prices are pretty decent since there’s a handful of packages for various purposes.

Minecraft Pixelmon Server Hostingbestreviewer

Pixelmon claims to be far from basic. For one thing, there are no player slot limits on the server that you choose. The server will now be oversold. They use secure DDoS protection mean which is highly valued by users all over the world. All the features and plugins you may have chosen but not quite happy with their work can be retrieved and you’ll be back to building your perfect Minecraft community.

There is an online office with support operators that will be solemnly dedicated to fixing your problems on the serves. You get a mobile control panel, which is a handy feature as you will be able to track changes and updates on the server directly from your mobile device. Choose the Minecraft windows 10 edition server hosting that successfully provides a control panel accessible from other devices.

The control panel gives access to your server in real-time. You can choose from a variety of servers to use with your hosting plan, choose the one that is near if that is a crucial aspect. You can get started with Pixelmon is no time and try the Save and Swap Game server for the first time for free as there is a trial period available.

Minecraft Tekkit Server Hostingbestreviewer

Tekkit server hosting’s best feature is that it provides a one-click install for more than a thousand one-of-a-kind mudpacks. The creators at Tekkit take great pride in the community they have built with complex yet easy and satisfying mudpacks. Tekkit makes it possible to choose from plenty of variations of the game. They deliver the handiest features and equip their users with all the necessary options for the game.

Since Tekkit is one of the oldest hostings serves it is one of the most popular among users online because it has not lost its uniqueness and cutting edge possibilities for the game.

They create their own packs and they are continuing to be active in the filled thus attracting more and more new users. The Internet is simply filled with feedback from users about their outstanding experience with Tekkit.

All the necessary and latest 1-click mod packs are included in the package and as a bonus, the control panel which is accessible from any device is already installed.

Minecraft Server Hosting Aternosbestreviewer

Aternos is one of the few hosting websites which claims to deliver server for Minecraft hosting for free and for eternity.

The installation and setup is a piece of cake, they say. The servers are not for you to put your strengths into. At Aternos the server hosting can actually be fun. After all, the server is created to be played, not to be worked on.

The servers are completely customizable. Mod and plugins are at your choice and are waiting to use your imagination. The server will be DDoS protected day and night. The backups are fully automatic. They utilize servers from all over the world, yet it doesn’t hurt them to be powerful and with a vast RAM space. The support system is at your call 24/7.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Server Hosting

Pocket Edition of server hosting is sought by everybody online because of its handy features and an even easier installation system. Check out what things to boost your servers do Minecraft PE server hosting offer.

If you want to host the Minecraft PE server, you can get a hold of the following features.

  • The slots are unlimited;
  • There is a variety of servers available;
  • DDoS protection is guaranteed;
  • Even pocket edition provides full-time access to the server;
  • Server fully support all the plugins and mods;
  • Custom-made PHAR and JAR;
  • Tailored Launcher;
  • BungeeCord Efficiency;
  • Forum Support and a website full of handy tips;
  • Web Hosting is free;
  • The backup system at your service;
  • Immediate Setup;
  • Domain Name for free (Minecraft server hosting free domain names are limited to Premium packages);
  • MySQL is free of charge.

Judging from a handful of free options Minecraft server hosting pe could a perfect solution for those who seek Minecraft free server hosting 24/7. You will have to pay eventually, but now Minecraft server hosting pe is offered at a 50% discount. Hurry up is you want to try it out as the offer is available limited time.aus minecraft server hosting

How to Host a Minecraft Pocket Edition Server

Luckily for you, there is one way to host Minecraft pe server and the Minecraft server hosting in Australia will be free. You should’ve guessed that free means manually installed. Here at BestReveiewer, you can choose the best eCommerce website hosting Australia because we have spotted only those professional hosting companies that deliver the best results to their clients. You can now learn to host a Minecraft pe server step by step for you to be sure that the chosen modded Minecraft server hosting in Australia will do a good job.

  1. Connect to WiFi;
  2. Launch Minecraft;
  3. Sign in with the existing account;
  4. Put in your Xbox Live credentials;
  5. Hit Play and Proceed to the World Tab;
  6. Create a New Realm;
  7. Give the Realm a name;
  8. Choose a tier;
  9.  Upon reading them, agree with the terms and conditions;
  10.  Hit Subscribe.

An alternative and more sophisticated way to host a PE Minecraft server is to sign with one of the hosting services and let them guide you through the hosting process.

Let’s look at the check-list of actions to do if you cooperate with one of the renowned Minecraft Hosting services.

To start a Minecraft pe server host with Aternos, for instance, you should:

  1. Go to their website;
  2. Hit the Create a server button;
  3. Come up with a username and fill it in;
  4. Once again agree with the terms and conditions;
  5. Proceed to give your personal details for customization of your account;
  6. Having signed up, go to the Software tab on Aternos website;
  7. Choose Win10 / MCPE;
  8. Reinstall;
  9. Go to the Server tab;
  10. Hit Start then Connect;
  11. Receive the server address and the port number;
  12. Connect to your Server and Play.

The navigation on the server’s website is pretty intuitive, so even the beginner player will figure out tow how to install a server with a hosting website. Just choose the most fitting one from the selection of the Australian server hosting Minecraft-tailored owners and start installing.

Minecraft Feed the Beast Server Hosting

Feed the Beast, or FTB as it is commonly known has captured the attention of players with its novelty. Let’s figure out how to host this one and what features you can enjoy.

The servers platform provides a recording of the player’s progress over time. Minecraft FTP server hosting is easy you start cooperating with one of the servers that deliver this plugin.

FTB Minecraft server hosting usually comes with a service that gives customers their support and explains how to host the server better. They make sure that everything you need to run your Minecraft community is included in the package. Surely, you can contact the support admin and specify the features, mods, and plugins you would like to have in your game. The access to the upgrades with FTB is easily accessible. There may be some technical issues once you start the installation and powering your game with loads of mods, plugins, and other alterations. The Minecraft FTB hosting team will help resolve any issues. Your Minecraft server’s running will be as smooth as can be. Beware that technical difficulties that you may experience will cause downtime and players will go away. So, having a server hosting company at your side is simply necessary equally at the start and along with the development of your Minecraft world.

server hosting minecraft

What Is a Minecraft Control Panel

A new feature that has been recently developed and offered by many Minecraft server hosting websites is the control panel. We’ll look briefly into what it holds for you to get the idea of what service to expect for the monthly fee.

Server management with the control panel is promised to be highly understandable and automatic. The control panel will be a handy tool for a beginner and an experienced user as well. Make sure that you get full access to the control panel the website offers and your get to receive updates immediately.

Having the control panel you can:

  • Manage the server of yours
  • Alter the server’s type
  • View and add to the chat and server logs
  •  Remote Console

Frequently Asked Questions

Quite often it happens that you still have questions about Minecraft server hosting or best VPS hosting, and whether you can relocate to it so suddenly. Below you’ll find the most sought questions and informative answers on Minecraft for free. Server hosting in Australia can be tricky for a beginner.
Questions about assignments

How to host a Minecraft server?

Get professional hosting from the comparison table of BestReviewer and watch experts at work.
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How to Host Your Own Minecraft Server?

Install the latest Java -> Install the latest Minecraft software -> Configure the server and network -> Start the server -> Check the server’s accessibility

Questions about assignments

How much does Minecraft hosting cost?

Depending on the RAM account allocate to the customer the service will calculate a precise price for the hosting. Some providers can restrict performance and add fee for an additional slot. Additional storage size and help with particular help on some issues may also cost more. In order to get started and keep on growing your host, define your needs, your financial abilities, and then you’ll have the sum that you can spend. Make sure that you choose that hosting that suits your needs as well.

Note that it is extremely difficult to locate the best free Minecraft server hosting in Australia.
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How to Get a Free Minecraft Server Host?

When choosing a Minecraft server hosting in Australia free options are sometimes available. You may get help from fellow players like you or get a free host Minecraft server but the one that lacks RAM or doesn’t deliver a highly-useful control panel.

In other words, the chance to host a Minecraft server free of charge is highly doubtful.
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How much RAM is needed for the Minecraft server?

Depending on the size of the world you’ll need a certain amount of RAM. The number of players, plugins, and mods also takes place in the calculation. It is commonly known that 1GB or RAM of pretty enough to start with. Unless you want to increase the number of players and plugins, you will fit perfectly in 1GB. The more your Minecraft world consumes the more RAM you need.

Some plugins and mods demand bigger RAM, like 4GB. Let’s imagine that your server has more than 50 plugins or mods, a large community of players, and a variety of worlds, you may need 6GB of RAM.
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How to repair entity error?

If you want to fix the entity error you must restore your world from a backup file or just start a new world. There is a possibility to resolve this by resetting some pieces where the entity is using world edit and other third-party tools.
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How to add mods?

If you want to add some mods, you must make sure that the version is set to Forge. When having downloaded the mods, you need to log into the server panel. Go to the FTP File Access and go to the mods folder. Hit Upload there and install them. Once you restart the world the mods will load immediately.
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How to add plugins?

You have to use at least the Bukkit version to add plugins. Use the plugin manager tool in the control panel. Add the plugins and restart the server.
Questions about assignments

Why plugins don’t load sometimes?

If you use Vanilla mod, the plugins may not load immediately. For the plugins to start working, switch the server version to Craftbukkit for example from the server control panel.
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How many servers are put in a box when they host the Minecraft server?

There are many boxes. The number of boxes puts depends directly on what game each box is currently running. This has been created this way to avoid server overloading and for the resources not to go into overdrive. Some boxes may allow only 8 instances of a game while others can handle 40++.
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How to get access to MySQL Database and where to find it?

With this sort of question, you need to go to the support system of your hosting provider as they use multiple servers for hosting. They will identify the server that holds MySQL and deliver information about it to you.
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Why Minecraft server lag or report overload?

The reasons for these rare occasions are countless. In order to resolve problems in your personal Minecraft world, you also have to connect so support chat of Minecraft server host in Australia and deal with the problem on the site.
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Why does severs lag when it’s just been started or at times when players explore?

Minecraft host server may sometimes report high CPU or lag in these situations. This is absolutely normal since when a new chuck of the world in Minecraft is being loaded it takes much power to process. The issue will resolve itself gradually.
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How to prevent lagging?

A multiplayer server should at first pre-load the area and then set the boundaries to refuse Minecraft loading new parts when the server is live.
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What happens if you fail to pay for the server?

Usually, Minecraft hosting services provide subscription plans to make payments convenient. Having a subscription means that there are automatic payments and you won’t forget to pay until you cancel the subscription.

If you can’t pay, you’ve 5 whole days to make a down payment and then the server will be shut down. The suspended server will stay in this state for 9 days, and, after this period of time, the files will be deleted.  You can still get to your backup file within a year’s time.
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Can you use your own map in a Minecraft modded server hosting?

Yes! The hosting will provide an Access to the FTP and will guide you through the process of transmitting the map to your new server. Best Australian Minecraft server hosting reserve this feature in each of their hosting plans.
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Can you change player slots when hosting a Minecraft server?

You can do it with a tool in the control panel. Failing to do so, you can submit a ticket to the Support of the hosting provider and they will help you with the task.
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What forms of payments does Minecraft server hosting in AU accept?

The hosting provider values users’ convenience greatly. That’s why various forms of payments are acceptable. PayPal form of payment is met more than the other, so if you have a PayPal account already, you’ll proceed from installment to gaming in no time. Credit cards are also acceptable.
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What’s the difference between Premium and Budget Australian Minecraft hosting plans?

If you want the basic hosting, you’ll do great with the budget option. The premium plan, for instance, provides plenty of advanced features without charging extra. With a premium plan, you usually get a free and dedicated IP, various server locations, free installation of mods and plugins, free backups, and a sub-domain.

Final Thoughts

Here we have represented the best of Minecraft server hosts and we did it completely free.  24/7 Minecraft server hosting is what you ought to have to establish a high-powered Minecraft world. Getting a free Minecraft server hosting forever haunts players. If they’re ready to put hard work day and night into their server it is manageable.

What’s the best Minecraft server host?  Those who offer to host a free Minecraft server from their ads are probably deceiving you. They may give a free trial period, which is always good when you’re host-hunting. Remember, though that great service costs money and makes sure you have found the best host that hand in the latest software, leading features and conduct the server’s work on the prime level. BestReviewer website is always at your service for a smart choice.