InMotion Hosting Review

Along with leading hosting companies, InMotion occupies leadership positions. This company is USA-based but it maintains websites around the world. To date, it serves more than 300.000 projects around the world and a substantial part of them refers to Australia.

Australians trust InMotion but does the company deserve their trust? Best Reviewer service conducted research and can answer this question!

Brief Information about InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting

The company showed up in 2001. After the Dotcom collapsed, many companies had trouble. Still, InMotion overcame this complicated period and managed to grow into a huge company that now works around the world.

This hosting has a set of unique features that show it in the positive light on other companies’ backgrounds.

Peculiarities of InMotion Hosting Service

Different companies choose a similar working policy. Some of them refuse dedicated servers in favor of cloud hosting while others abolish VPS and choose more extended shared-hosting. InMotion is original. The company focuses on the dedicated servers and now it’s the widest option.

The other bonus is SSD hard disks that go along with all tariff plans. They are 20 times faster than simple disks. Some hosting companies also offer this option but InMotion does it automatically and charges no extra money for it.

Australians also point out good technical support. The company identifies itself as the closest company to its clients. Therefore, support workers are highly qualified and available almost anytime.

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Tariffs inmotion review

Tariff plans of the company are clear and simple. Shared hosting contains a Business Hosting package that has three plans – Launch, Power, and Pro. Launch and Power plans are very different but the difference in price is negligible. It’s a wise marketing hook as the clients, who decide to change the packet, won’t feel “a hit to the pocket”.

InMotion hosting Australia gives coupons on advertising for the very tempting price: $275 in the Launch plan and $300 in the Power and Pro plan.

VPS package has three tariff plans: VPS-1000S, VPS-2000S и VPS-3000S. According to these plans, a client gets From 4 to 8 GB of RAM, from 2 to 4 TB of allowed monthly traffic, from 60 to 200 GB of disk space, and free SSD hard disks.

The last option is dedicated servers – the most developed option of InMotion hosting. It has six tariff plans. The first three plans (Essential, Advanced, Elite) meet the requirements of most of the users, who rent dedicated servers. However, three other plans (CC-500, CC-1000, CC-2000) represent especially powerful machines – a server of the so-called “commercial class”. The most powerful server uses as many as 12 cores of the Dual Xeon® processor and 64 GB of RAM. This is the optimal solution for large-scale projects with powerful traffic.

Technical Characteristics

InMotion hosting stands out from others due to certain technical characteristics that not every hosting company offers:

inmotion hosting benefits


InMotion Hosting offers two types of database management systems – MySQL and PostgreSQL. The number of databases the client can create depends on the tariff plan – from two to no limits.


In general, InMotion makes a good impression. Basing on the own research of BestReviewer and recommendations of the real Aussie clients, InMotion hosting Australia is a reliable hosting provider for projects of different sizes. Keep in mind that your website needs more than just a high quality hosting to be successful. Pay attention to top graphic design studios that can help you improve your website visually.

Free SSD disks, the most powerful dedicated services, trustworthy tech support, 90 days test mode and 100% money back, InMotion hosting coupon, and a number of prestigious awards are a part of substantial advantages of the company.

Now Australians have a reliable professional certified hosting company that won’t let you down! Check out more Best Reviewer posts for other products!