Bloggers in Australia

Blogging is of the utmost importance if you would like to make money from home. While mum bloggers get pretty successful in Australia, seems like it’s nothing to do but create your own page.

However, being a blogger doesn’t mean you receive things for free just to try or taste them. It’s also a tough work, which means understanding the audience and following its needs. Without it, you are not going to earn any profit.

Let’s start with the initial target audience: teen bloggers and food bloggers definitely communicate with different people. So, no rush jumping into someone’s head; evaluate what’s next.

Top Tips to Run a Blog in 2019

If first, it was just a platform to express you, nowadays the weblog contributes to the business as well. After picking up a name and installing a hosting page, you never stop working on improvement. The following tips will help:

  • Make a unique design – doesn’t require being creative; think about the appropriate color set. WordPress actually has many options for free, so you won’t waste money. At the disposal – many themes you can apply to make a blog look better;
  • Work on a content strategy – there’s no mystery in success; every blogger develops the plan at least for one week ahead of time; you may feel the inspiration to post today but not tomorrow, so stick to the plan;
  • Don’t give up on one niche – if you are really into something, you must show people how excited it is; changing topics will only distract your audience. Just be patient.

Top 3 Australian Lifestyle Bloggers

Let’s take a look at people, whose life is as much fascinating as their social media accounts.

#1 Madi Edwards – one of the Sydney bloggers, who almost reached 700k followers on Instagram. Every post of this girl is sunny and attractive; she doesn’t overwhelm with information;

Instagram Madi Edwards

#2 Renee Herbert – true party girl, whose pictures are arranged with flowers and smiley friends; are you ready to beat her record of 1.4 million followers?

Instagram Renee Herbert

#3 The Versatile Gent – well, with all respect to feminism, time for a men lifestyle blog. Guided by James Want and Tom Hosking, this page covers a lot of topics and workout apps which are never out of fashion. It’s easy and enjoyable; people are also inspired by easy-to-read stories.

Instagram The Versatile Gent

Find a Company You Would Love to Work For

Don’t forget blogging doesn’t bring income immediately. You should create a list of your hard and soft skills to look for a job. It may be a useful experience: just focus on the niche you chose for a blog and find an alternative.

The more you talk to people the more you know how a blog is going to work. So, simply take time to review the best companies you want to work with. Think of what do you expect from working and how it will contribute your free time.

So Many Options

We’ve actually missed the travel bloggers; so much of them in Australia. Being far away from other continents, it stays the dream destination. So, take the opportunity and attract tourists to your home country. Like Mapping Megan, founded by an adrenaline junkie Megan and her husband. Guys have already visited about 50 countries, and of course, they’re not going to stop! Just keep track of stories; the blog is being updated almost every day.

You’d 100% like one of the Melbourne fashion bloggers, Jess Dempsey, who devoted her page to Karl Lagerfeld and his latest products. Jess looks awesome in many life situations; her outfits get hundreds of likes.

For desert – Australian beauty bloggers; meet the Oz Beauty Expert, the most fascinating makeup artist with a huge experience in the industry! Bonnie knows how to make anyone feel better and explore the natural beauty.

Western Part Bloggers: Perth

Western Part Bloggers

While people are obsessed with healthy living, don’t forget about fashion bloggers; some of the brightest in Australia will obviously be in Perth. Have you seen the profile of Beige Renegade? This talented girl promotes minimal style and inspires to see her native country from a different perspective. Check out the incredible photos!

The extremely popular in Perth are also food bloggers. People, who know where to dine and try the authentic cuisine, just like The Chef, His Wife – it’s hard to resist the tasty title page this blog offers. You will find the epic stories and recipes from Amanda, who literally grew up in a cooking family.

Be Honest with Yourself

Whenever you try to get hired in Australia, especially considering the relocation from another country, keep the things under control. Blogging is possible everywhere; you will not be lost. Just find an audience and be in the spotlight. In this case, mummy bloggers have a real advantage in Australia. As a good place for living, it may bring you an essential profit.

But as a single person, don’t replace a full-time job for blogging. The costs will not come so easily, so think how many hours a day can you spend posting. And then – back to work, making connections with people!