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eCommerce Platform Review
Why Use Web Hosting for Ecommerce
How Does a Website Host for eCommerce Work?
BigCommerce eCommerce Hosting Review
Inmotion Ecommerce Hosting Review
GoDaddy Ecommerce Hosting Review
Bluehost Ecommerce Hosting Review
Neto Ecommerce Review
Squarespace Ecommerce Review
eCommerce Software Review
Shopify Ecommerce Review
Final Thoughts

They say that crisis is another word for possibility. Many Australians have taken the time off during lockdown and searched for alternative income sources. Establishing an eCommerce website is surely one of the top ways to earn extra money. Bearing in mind that a successful business depends drastically on the appropriate website’s work, it is crucial to find the best eCommerce web hosting.

Our eCommerce web hosting review will assist greatly to those who want to equip the business with the best online service. We take responsibility for our reviews as we research eCommerce web hosting services very thoroughly before recommending them to anyone. On the website, you’ll find an eCommerce web hosting comparison with the best eCommerce website hosting Australia residents look for. Mind that it took us time to evaluate every feature of eCommerce hosting sites to deliver the best to you.

We don’t require any payment. You get a comparative review of the best eCommerce hosting sites completely free. But sure enough, good hosting means a definite expenditure item. We will help you make the right decisions and find the best service to fit your needs and your wallet.

eCommerce Platform Review

What do we base our eCommerce web hosting review on?

Speedbestreviewer advantages

We have looked into the patterns of different generation categories using websites. We know their preferences and the way they shop. The one users’ feature is more prominent, though. It is the attention span. It is getting smaller and smaller. People don’t want to wait for the page to load. That’s why our top priority was to review the eCommerce website hosting services that claim to give the highest speed.

Pricebestreviewer advantages

Most naturally people demand both top quality and the cheapest eCommerce hosting. We have selected out those eCommerce hosting means that undoubtedly guarantee powerful website maintenance and affordable prices.

Paymentbestreviewer advantages

Whether you sign with a cheap eCommerce hosting or a more expensive one, you have to check their payment methods and their security. Even such giant companies have Google had their breaches of security. More and more people become aware of the importance of personal and financial data safe. That’s why we review only those eCommerce web hosting services that have SSL and provide this system to all their customers for their websites.

Some may offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the cooperation.

Support systembestreviewer advantages

When you deal with a managed eCommerce hosting, you sometimes may need help adjusting some of the settings. That’s why having a support chat to advise when you have issues is simply necessary. One of the quickest responses from an eCommerce hosting Australia based was 10 seconds. Mind that it’s considered to be the super-fast speed of response. You have t weigh out what service’s features are more important to you.

Recommendation from WordPressbestreviewer advantages

This is a bonus feature that can be given to the few eCommerce web hosting services. If this aspect is essential to you, then you should look particularly for such a service that delivers. But whatever CMS you choose to work with, web hosting eCommerce services can ensure the work of almost every.

Servers Availabilitybestreviewer advantages

When you look closely at the eCommerce hosting site, you can check out the number of servers they use. For example, you may find out that Australian eCommerce hosting services use servers far from Australia, like Singapore.

Some services offer turbo-charged with the fastest speed in the world. E-commerce websites are required to have great speed as the speed of service is directly dependant on the customers’ satisfaction with the e-commerce website. This will help even the biggest site with loads of content to run smoothly.

Ease of Usagebestreviewer advantages

Web hosting with eCommerce support needs to have easy management. Services’ owners never know what kind of client they get. It can be an experienced seller just transferring from one niche to another or a newbie that just starts to develop his business. That’s why we deliver those eCommerce hosting reviews (for example, ServerMule hosting review) that contain services with a mobile-friendly interface, a quick easy application form, and highly-comprehensive information about how the eCommerce domain hosting works.

You are also to read the agreement very carefully if you decide to collaborate with one service or the other. There must be information about service-client interactions and collaboration.

eCommerce Web Hosting Review: Why Use Web Hosting for Ecommerce

Some companies generously offer their customers 30 days of free trial of e-commerce website maintenance. This indeed helps to save time and money because you can try out the service for free and get to know how to organize your website for its proper work.

Some services promise to assist in accelerating your business development. If you’re new to the industry you will get a head start, if you’ve been in the business for long but can’t quite see how to improve the website’s work, you’ll be introduced to the new era of your websites expanding of its clientele and earning you gig income.

When choosing a website hosting eCommerce websites are given security and support. Any malware with the website that you may experience will be immediately diagnosed, fixed, and brought back to normal.

The Simplicity of Business Making

Websites with good hosting make the website the center of your business evolution. Once set up a proper and powerful website you’ll be able to sell outside your native area, market to other countries, and expand your customer base. Webhosting services control panel allows you to advertise your business using the latest achievements of social media and promote products using Facebook, Instagram, EBay, Amazon, and other websites of your preference.

How Does a Website Host for eCommerce Work?

First of all, web hosting makes your website visible which crucial for every business. Once your eCommerce website is hosted, you get a domain URL that everyone will put in the search toolbar. Despite doing the usual to host a website eCommerce hosting services also provide their client with helpful things to make the website more convenient and useful than the others.

Ecommerce host installs the necessary plugins, does content management, deliver a customized web design, but also ensures there’s a proper and certified SSL, shopping cart feature, and accurate payment processing.

managed ecommerce hosting

A website builder is one of the core aspects of running a successful website. A good eCommerce host should enable website building to match the needs and requirements of the client. Clients typically choose their website design from one of the common templates, yet, there are those who need a special logo or a definite layout of the content on their website.

This means that eCommerce website builders are trickier to work with and a good eCommerce host needs to simplify this process for the client. Mind that once you have a near picture of what your website will look like you need to check if there are important buttons and options for your customers.

Best web hosting for eCommerce is the one that customizes your website for it to be mobile-friendly. It’s no news that most shoppers use their devices to view products and make purchases from their phones or tablets. That’s why the design of the website should be optimized to the screen size and be easy-on-the-eyes either on a phone screen or a computer one. The customer won’t waste time to switch to the computer screen mode to get to the right catalog category or find the “Buy” button. Discuss this issue with the eCommerce host of yours to ensure the ease of your future website usage.

SEO Features Availabilitybestreviewer advantages

Once your website is seen online, you need as many shoppers to see it as possible. This is when the SEO aspect of website promotion comes into the picture. SEOs promote your website for it to be shown in the top results of any search engine. Check if your eCommerce host includes a SEO feature in the eCommerce hosting plans.

But you need the eCommerce host to give you proper authorization. If you want to customize URL and write a meta description for the content on the website, the host must make it an easily-conducted task. You should also be able to submit your website to the search engine for it to be rated. The eCommerce host should assist with keyword and provide analysis of competitive ranking in order to develop a great SEO strategy.

Shopping Cart Buttonbestreviewer advantages

While it seems like the easiest thing on the website, many website owners struggle to set up a proper mean for checking out and making the purchase final. The best web hosting for eCommerce places a Shopping cart button that is prominent and easily accessible. It offers various shipment methods choices for your customers online.

Export of Databestreviewer advantages

This option is one of the essential ones as you need to back up data at times to make sure no single entry is lost. A data export attribute makes it possible for the website manager to manage data about customers’ search entries on the website, inventory information, and spreadsheets. If you choose to relocate your website this option will aid you in moving the information safely.

How to set up an eCommerce website hosting in steps:

  1.       Read the review here;
  2.       Choose the best provider;
  3.       Select a web hosting plan;
  4.       Decide on a payment plan;
  5.       Make up an URL;
  6.       Import your store information if there’s any.

Best eCommerce Platform Review

Here are the best eCommerce web hosting in Australia 2020

BigCommerce eCommerce Hosting Reviewecommerce hosting reviews

This is one of the largest web hosting platforms. It offers a variety of features to build an eCommerce website and maintain it.

Big Commerce claims to have a 30-day free trial period to start developing your website. This is a great option if you’re just starting your business and don’t know how much money you can spend on the website.

They offer to start a free trial and advanced help in launching your store. You can personally design the website or choose one of the available templates online. You get to decide the layout of content on the website yet, there will be assistants to explain the most-advisable and convenient design and buttons placement.

All the features that BigCommerce provides are reachable through an online support group to guide you all the way to your first successful sale.

BigCommerce makes it possible to migrate the data from the store you might possibly have and store it safely. They also ensure that you can import product information on the server or to the cloud.

One-on-one support chat is available here. You can optimize the work of the existing website or launch a new one successfully. There’s a control panel available at any time to the BigCommerce client to manage their eCommerce websites.

You get a full-featured CMS service. A comprehensive CMS is affordable for anyone to manage products and categories without making any effort.

Here you can manage the store from any mobile device you own.

They accept payments from the most famous providers such as PayPal or Apple Pay. You also get to sell more using different channels of social media.

BigCommerce presents plentiful of marketing features which enable the website owner to increase organic traffic.

Inmotion Ecommerce Hosting Reviewinmotion ecommerce hosting review

Inmotion is hosting for eCommerce websites with the fastest speed. Recently they have made a quite nice discount on their services which is 5.99$ per month now. You can choose from WordPress, VPS, Dedicated Servers, or Shared hosting here.

Inmotion hosting review is the first thing you should check before start working. There’s a possibility to build a website from scratch which supports WordPress and offers a variety of handy features for a powerful website. In a certain payment plan, you get a custom-made website is 2 days! It will be made by an expert and have a unique design. They also provide their clients with customized email addresses. This web hosting service works on a desktop, tablet, and mobile operating systems.

Inmotion is happy to present an experienced professional to manage the proper work of your website. They respect their clients and provide them with a support system that is available at any time of day or night.  They can boast with a 100% guarantee of successful results which you can see for yourself reading testimonials from grateful clients.

Their proud point is investments in technology. They now actively use the technology of Smart Routing™, professional DDoS protection, and top bandwidth providers.

GoDaddy Ecommerce Hosting Reviewgodaddy ecommerce hosting review

GoDaddy is chosen by millions of entrepreneurs daily. They deliver the perfect help for stabilizing and ensuring the proper work of your eCommerce website and place it on the new level of improvement.

With the features that GoDaddy service provides you get to attract new customers to your website and make them come back for the unique product or service that you have. Despite having templates of website design, they always see to it to fulfill even the wildest dreams about website layout and design the client may have. You get to decide what your website looks like, what image you want to show, and what idea to translate to users.

GoDaddy claims that they will help a beginning entrepreneur to come up with a memorable and easy-to-find domain name.

They provide means for digital and social marketing to sell more of your product and effectively spread the word about it.

They ensure you understand everything about the website support as they give personal guidance from an experienced website builder.

Bluehost Ecommerce Hosting Reviewbluehost ecommerce hosting review

Bluehost’s best features are the fastest uptime in testing, their easily usable interface, and pretty handy software for website building.

You can start a collaboration with BlueHost for €2.65/month. They simplify the process of using WordPress. The installation of WordPress takes no considerable time with BlueHost and you get to use on all your accounts.

As well as any hosting eCommerce website BlueHost offers a 24/7 online support group to aid you with any malware you may experience during working with your website. There are informative guides available, as well as videos and most importantly assistance from trained specialists.

It is a great bonus that BlueHost has a money-back guarantee policy. If you aren’t satisfied with the services given, you get to keep your money.

Bluehost builds your website to become a successful seller as they equip you with all the necessary tools for marketing, payment, and reaching your ultimate business goals.

Neto Ecommerce Reviewneto ecommerce review

Neto obtains a highly-responsive customer service. It is an Australian based company that has problem solving if their customers as their goal. It is a great eCommerce web hosting solution to small and medium businesses.

Neto promises your business to reach its goals successfully and continue to grow steadily over time.  Neto also made their priority to educate their customers about marketing and promotion strategies.

Neto is considered to be the most scale-up friendly eCommerce platform. They assist their customers to manage their business in an efficient and systematic way. They aid in broadcasting your product using various channels. Customer communication and support are one of their main features and all of their clients praise them highly on that one.

A great bonus to a great eCommerce hosting is a POS system. This is a feature that helps streamline the actual office side of the business with an online one.

Squarespace Ecommerce Reviewsquarespace ecommerce review

Squarespace shows bring every feature they have to power your online store. Their world-class designers will help make an outstanding website with a catchy brand name and the image to reflect your brand.

Squarespace makes it easier to showcase the selection of products you own and brings to tool for the website to be browsed perfectly well. They make presenting the merchandise one-of-kind and guarantee a comeback from shoppers.

At Squarespace, they present customers with new ways to promote and sell their product or service. They also deliver connected eCommerce tools for the owners to run and grow their business. Successful website integration is available with Squarespace.

Ecommerce Software Review

We responsibly single out the best eCommerce website hosting online. When you personally land on one of the websites you can check the features of it by yourself. Here’s how you can decide whether the service is the right fit for you.

  • Service’s performance;
  • Immediate Setup;
  • Speed of website maintenance;
  • Speed of response in the support chat;
  • Number and location of servers;
  • Security;
  • Presence of SSL certificates;
  • Malware removal speed;
  • Price;
  • Payment options;
  • Site migrations;
  • Developed infrastructure.

There’s also a number of bonus features that one might get when found the right best web host for eCommerce sites. Here are some of them.

  • Vast Storage Space;
  • Off-cloud Backup;
  • Ready-to-use Templates.

Be sure to check-out feedback from customers as they know of the service’s work firsthand.

Shopify Ecommerce Reviewshopify ecommerce review

Shopify is one of the fastest eCommerce hosting services. In return to their fast service to the client, they too make the customer experience enjoyable and easy on the website. Shopify delivers a fast website load time. It makes it easy to set up a website and can install a 1-click selling app for your eCommerce website.

They too bring customizable website builders to their customers which makes their performance one of the best compared to other web hostings.

Shopify offers several plans for website hosting. They deliver easily-manageable SEO tools. They have made a pretty handy feature for their users. If a customer abandons a shopping cart, they can recover it fast and simple.

Shopify equips its customers with multi-channel selling strategies and helps organize efficient product broadcasting.

Remember about a green best web hosting company for e-commerce

If you care about nature and want to reduce your carbon footprint, opt for green e-commerce web hosting. This kind of company uses renewable sources to maintain its servers. In addition, they locate their servers in the areas that collide with the principles of keeping the nature pristine. It is as fast eCommerce hosting like any other kind and you get to eliminate the waste of some servers.

Final Thoughts

Judging from the variety of eCommerce hosting solutions, there are some key aspects that a seller should decide on before setting up a website. First, you have you know what brand you want to represent and what kind of product or service you’d like to sell. Once you do that, setting up a website is a tricky task, but an eCommerce web hosting service does not only make beautiful websites, but it also creates a whole and organized selling platform that uses utilizes marketing strategies and about their shopper’s nice experience on the website.

So, if you want your website to thrill, use our review to find the eCommerce web host that can best relate to your wishes and needs.