According to the report released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), 50% of Australians wear glasses or contact lenses due to eyes problems. Over 50% of the population used to have at least one long-term eye health condition in 2011 to 2012. This statistic proves the importance of quality contact lenses that won’t endanger the health of half of Australians!

Luckily, Best Reviewer service conducted a serious research to find the best companies that offer contact lenses Australia online and now you can entrust your healthy comfort to these certified professionals.

Contact Lenses Solution

When it comes to vision correction, contact lenses become one of the most reasonable solutions. They provide you with a crisp all-around vision, the freedom and the comfort during the whole day.

The main benefit over glasses is that contact lenses give you a full field of the focused vision. Wherever you look, you see everything clearly. Furthermore, they don’t get splashed and they don’t steam up. So, you can wear them in any weather and enter warmer space without awkward moments.

For sunny Australian weather, for beaches and surfing, contact lenses Australia are the best solution as you can wear them on the beach, in the ocean, with sunglasses and you won’t feel discomfort.

“I am a surfer and I can’t imagine my life without contact lenses. I simply forget about them. They fit snugly to my eye, they don’t fall out, don’t twist, don’t make me feel uncomfortable”, – says John Milton, an Australian surfer.

Still, it’s important to choose professional contact lenses online Australia company that will help to choose the right product that won’t harm your health! Therefore, don’t forget to check out the fair review of the BestReviewer and choose one of the trustworthy online companies. We check a great number of online services and retailers to provide you with trustworthy data only. Even if you are looking for something like online psychics reviews, we can help you with necessary information.

Types of Contact Lenses

Professional ophthalmologists from our list will help you to choose the right type of contact lenses Australia. Still, you can choose the pair of contact lenses beforehand and then just seek advice on the aforementioned websites.

There are:

  • Soft lenses that are the most popular among people with bad vision.
  • Daily-wear lenses are one of the most affordable, as the wearer has to remove them for the night and stick to the specific schedule.
  • Extended-wear lenses can be worn at night and removed at least once a week for disinfection. Still, there is a great risk of getting a corneal infection and other health problems.
  • Disposable-wear lenses are one of the most expensive and are recommended to people with allergies. However, healthy people can also wear them, as they are one of the most convenient.
  • Colored contact lenses change the color of your eye. Still, before wearing them, you should get the consultation of the experienced professional. Check out the list of the contact lenses Melbourne or contact lenses Sydney companies from our review.
  • Toric soft contact lenses are types of contact lenses for astigmatism health problems.
  • Bifocal or multifocal contact lenses can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

Cost of Contact Lenses

Of course, the cost of contact lenses depends on the type of lenses, its features and peculiarities, and the company that provides you with this product.

Generally, the box with six lenses costs around $20-$30 for daily-wear contacts, $50-$70 for extended-wear or astigmatism contacts, etc. Still, the cost of contact lenses is individual. So, you should apply to one of the companies from Best Reviewer list and ask about the cost of contacts for you. Their certified ophthalmologists will tell you how to choose the right product, how to wear contact lenses, where to apply if you have problems, etc.

We prepared a list of the best companies that offer contact lenses Australia. If you are looking for a reasonable way to improve your vision, just apply to one of the aforementioned companies and see the beautiful bright world with a fresh look!